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 I have trouble understanding what people are saying. I often ask people to repeat themselves. I have trouble understanding conversations when there is background noise, for example, at a restaurant or in a busy workplace. I avoid social situations because I have trouble following the conversation. I turn up the TV and radio to levels that others tell me is loud. I often have ringing in my ears. I hear in one ear better than the other. I’ve been told that I have a hearing problem.


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“Very helpful and kind. Brought my mom to buy some wax sticks, nothing more. Doctor asked if my mom could walk from waiting room into exam room so he could check both units for wax. Cleaned the units, checked her ears for wax, then gave me the wax cleaning sticks for free. Wished me a nice holiday and smiled at my mom and me. I told him I’ll be in to see him soon… This time to get my own ears tested. Highly recommend this office!”


Marisol Q., Patient

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